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Here are some common questions about private health insurance. We’re always happy to answer any question you have about our products, so if you can’t find an answer here, please call our team on 01902 371 000.
How simple is the policy to introduce?
Very simple, your dedicated Corporate Account Manager is on hand to help you communicate the plan with your management team and directly to your employees.
Who do my employees contact with questions about their plan?
Your employees don’t need to hassle you with any questions – they can simply ring our Customer Services number and speak to a member of our dedicated customer support team.
Are there any costs involved in an employee paid scheme?
No – not directly. However, as payments are taken by payroll deduct there will be a requirement for your payroll team to administer.
What are the tax implications for employees should employers fund the scheme?
The Paycare plan is classed as a benefit in kind, therefore will appear on a P11D in line with standard taxation.
What admin is involved?
Very little. On a voluntary scheme there will be a small amount of admin required to process the payroll deduct. On a company paid scheme, you will just need to update us whenever you have leavers or new joiners to the scheme.
Why should I choose Paycare?
We’re proud of the way we do things differently. We’re not for profit, and people are at the heart of everything we do. We give our policyholders fantastic customer service, which is reflected by our most recent Customer Satisfaction Score of over 99%, and on average our policyholders stay with us for a whopping 22 years!’
How can monthly payments be made for the plan?
Deductions should be taken from employees by payroll deduct. Payments are then made to Paycare either through Direct Debit, BACS, or even Cheque.
Does the EAP service include face to face counselling?
If the EAP telephone counsellor decides that face to face sessions are required Paycare will pay for up to a maximum of 6 consecutive sessions.
Are we tied into a contract?
No – all that we ask is that 30 days is given when cancelling the policy ensuring that the policy holders are treated fairly.
Do I have to pay for additional services like EAP and GP 24/7?
No. The EAP and GP 24/7 services are included in the cost of the plan, and cover unlimited telephone support as well as up to 6 face to face counselling services.
What support do I have from you as an employer?
You will be given the support of a dedicated account manager, an annual claims review, marketing support, health and well being days and anything else you can think of that will help within your organisation.
Can any employee join?
There is no age limit for the plan, and it is available to all UK residents.
How long do employees have to claim their benefits?
Your benefit year runs 12 months from the initial start date and you have 13 weeks to submit your claim from the date you paid for your treatment, or from the date you were admitted to hospital.
How do employees make a claim?
It is really quick and simple to claim – either via our online claiming platform or by post. Employees simply need to pay for treatment with their usual practitioner and send a valid claim form along with their receipt to us to receive their money back, usually within 48 hours.
Can my employees cover their family too?
Yes. There are two choices; Either, Partners are covered and paid for by the company. Or, Employees can choose to add partners or close family members to the plan at a cost to them. This payment is taken via Payroll Deduct.
Are children covered on the plan?
Yes, any dependents under the age of 18 and living at the same address are covered on the plan. The annual limit for each of the benefits is then shared between the policy holder and their dependant(s).
How often can I make a claim?
You can claim as often as you like until you have used up your annual limit on each benefit.
When will my employees be able to claim?
Additions from the date of joining. 4Work from the date of joining with the exception of new child payment & pre existing conditions.
Does the plan limit where my employees can go for treatment?
No – they can continue to visit their usual practitioner. All that we ask is that the practitioner is covered by the standard industry regulations – a list of these accreditations can be found on our website.

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