Diamond Power Speciality Limited

A case study on Diamond Power Speciality Limited

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Quick Summary

Diamond Power Speciality Limited, established in 1913, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Diamond Power International Inc., a global market leader in all aspects of boiler cleaning and ash handling.

The company’s HR manager, Jennifer Lucas was approached by Paycare. “From the way Paycare was presented to me, it soon became clear that, from what the Paycare plan would cost us compared to what we could expect back – was very good.”

About the Client

For more than 100 years, Diamond Power Speciality Limited has consistently provided innovative technologies for power generation, pulp & paper and industrial boiler designs, proven to solve the most difficult plant challenges while delivering promised benefits.

Based in Dumbarton, Scotland, Diamond Power Speciality Limited is the European headquarters and manufacturing base for the group. The Dumbarton site occupies factory space of 33,197 square metres and employs over 150 people.

They are a manufacturing company with a wide range of employees working on the shop floor and in the office. The ratio is 93 on the shop floor and 59 staff. The company is committed to ensure that the workforce is as healthy as they can be.


“At the time Paycare approached us we were with a different employee healthcare cash plan provider and we were not considering changing,” said Jennifer.

“During this period the company was going through a tough trading time and was seeking cost cutting opportunities. Despite this, we were determined to keep a good corporate health plan in place for our staff and when we compared the Paycare plan offered to us, it was clearly a better deal than our existing plan.

“Cost was a vital consideration for us but it was also important to assess the range of benefits being offered. We were looking for cover for extra things like physiotherapy and ‘alternative therapies’ to be covered. Paycare did indeed offer us more,” explained Jennifer.

Business Advantage

Paycare was appointed by Diamond Power Speciality Limited in August 2014 to provide a company paid scheme at level two for their employees. There is also an option for them to choose to upgrade the service to a higher level and/or sign up their partners by paying the difference.

“It’s nice to have benefits such as physiotherapy and chiropody for those of our employees that have on going issues with these aspects of their health. Paycare gives them an option to seek the best help available, even if it’s outside the NHS.

This allows them to also avoid the long waiting lists. They are happy to pay for these services in the sure knowledge that they can claim it back through Paycare,” said Jennifer.

“Speaking from my own personal experience, I have found it easy to claim and members of the Paycare staff are very friendly to talk to and deal with. I enjoy dealing with Paycare as a company. Administration is made very easy for us and the customer service has been great.

Once the service became up and running I have had very few queries from our people about the Paycare plan. I was also particularly keen with the fact that Paycare paid back 100% of the claim, whereas our previous provider was paying just 75%. It seemed to me like Paycare was offering a much better plan for our employees.”

- Jennifer Lucas

HR Manager, Diamond Power Speciality Limited

Staff Reaction

“Some of our employees spend most of their work time standing so it’s not uncommon for some of them to have issues with their backs. Having physiotherapy treatment covered is really beneficial to many. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation for our employees and for the company,” said Jennifer.

Paycare’s health cash plan is beneficial and it helps boost morale. The ‘every day’ benefits such as dental and optical cover are highly valued and well used by our people. There is great value to the company and to the individuals as well.”

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