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Read our case study on how our corporate heath plan is a key employee benefit component for learndirect.

Quick Summary

Launched in 2000, learndirect is the UK’s largest provider of skills, training and employment services, providing help for millions of people to gain the skills and qualifications they need for work.

learndirect previously used an employee benefit portal from the Northgate platform, but after research and review they decided to select an employee paid Paycare cash plan for their staff.

About the Client

Statistics for learndirect are impressive. learndirect has a nationwide network of around 90 owned and 400 third party operated centres, employing over 2,000 employees.

Around 20,000 people log on and learn with learndirect every day;

Thousands of businesses have equipped their staff for success with learndirect;

  • 17,000 apprentices learn with the company every year across 31 frameworks;
  • 225,000 people support their career ambitions through learndirect;
  • 650,000 maths and English test passes have been achieved.

Challenges and Alternatives

learndirect’s Shared Services Manager, Rachel Kendall, is responsible for the benefits package for the 2,100 staff located throughout the UK.
Looking for a cost-effective and popular employee benefit as a replacement for the current provider, Rachel eventually hit on the options offered by Paycare.

“We reviewed our benefits package, using a lot of promotional items that Paycare supplied to us. Feedback confirmed that Paycare’s healthcare cash plan was considered a valuable benefit by our employees.”

“Paycare were really supportive during our re-launch when we were moving away from the Northgate platform. Contracts were being re-negotiated and, as I mentioned earlier, Paycare rose to the challenge when the promotional aspect came to the fore.”

“Along with other benefits that we offer our people, the options are all publicised widely on the intranet and notice boards we do a lot to encourage them to consider adopting the options.

“As I’m sure is true with many other companies, awareness of the benefits available is always something we have to work hard at promoting but I’m sure the take up will grow as the word gets around as to how good the Paycare plan is.”

Rachel Kendall

Services Manager, Learn Direct

The Paycare Offer

“Our company-wide staff members are free to choose whichever level of cover that suits them best, and pay through our payroll system. Paycare is an important component within our Heath and Wellbeing Agenda.

The extended range of benefits available to learndirect employees includes; childcare, travel vouchers, shopping vouchers and a cycle scheme.

Staff Reaction

“On a day-to-day basis we never receive any complaints from our employees regarding Paycare, which is a sign that the service is valued,” explained Rachel, “No news is good news from our point of view it means the service is running smoothly.”

Business Advantage

“From an administrative point of view my eight-strong HR team has no issues with Paycare, their staff are friendly and helpful when we contact them”, explained Rachel.

“We are keen to get our employees to look carefully at the range of benefits available in the Paycare plan because when they do they are surprised by the amount of areas they are covered for on the benefits table.”

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