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How to Develop and Implement an Effective Employee Benefit Strategy
Private Policies

A Health Cash Plan For Me

Affordable health plans for you and your family

Check A variety of health cash plans available to suit your needs.
Check Reclaim the money you spend on healthcare costs such as dental, optical, chiropody and professional therapy; we even support you with domestic emergencies, personal, legal and tax matters.
Check Easy to join with no complicated medical forms.
Private Policies

A Health Cash Plan For My Staff

Affordable health plans for you and your employees

Check A perfect employee benefit which helps your employees pay for everyday medical expenses.
Check Promote good health and wellbeing, raise staff morale and productivity; whilst reducing absenteeism.
Check Our dedicated support team will help you get the most out of this valuable employee benefit package.
Paycare cash plans

What is a
Health Cash Plan?

Quite simply it is a great way to recover money spent on day-to-day or unexpected healthcare costs.

For a small regular amount you can quickly reclaim 100% of the money you spend on everyday healthcare, up to an annual limit. See benefit table for list of benefits covered, in conjunction with the policy rules.

With healthcare cash plans to suit all personal circumstances, it’s perfect for people who want to stay on top of their health and expenditure - without the burden of expensive medical insurance.

It’s so easy to join. No medical or complicated medical forms are required.

Refunds are fast. Our aim is to pay all valid claims within 48 hours of receipt.

Friendly service & fast cash refunds

Friendly service &
fast cash refunds.

If you have ever been involved in making insurance claims that seem to take forever, you’ll know how urgent it is that you quickly receive full payment for any unexpected bills that you submit. With a Paycare healthcare cash plan, you’ll know up-front both the costs of our plans and what can then be claimed back. This means that, whenever you make a valid claim, there’s no delay or hassle. Just the cash paid directly into your bank or building society within a few days.

Paycare cash plans

You can trust
in Paycare.

Established since 1874, Paycare has been providing health cover for over 140 years. We are committed to putting your needs first and delivering the best customer service possible.

As we’re a not-for-profit organisation it means we have no one to answer to but you. This guarantees we can afford to offer superb value, comprehensive services and competitive prices.

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