Paycare Additions, the all inclusive healthcare cash plan

The Paycare Additions cash plan focuses purely on the health and wellbeing of your employees. These employee medical benefits give them the ability to reclaim 100% of any money spent (up to an annual limit) on everyday healthcare such as optical, dental, physiotherapy, chiropody and much more.

Each plan comes complete with an EAP (Employer Assistance Programme) and Welfare Support Service, a 24 Hour GP Telephone Consultation Service and includes cover for dependent children under the age of 18 at no additional cost. We can even open up the plan to include partners if you wish so the whole family could be covered. One plan, no fuss.

Aptly named, Paycare Additions also allows you to choose from three further staff health benefits at no additional cost. Dependant on the level of cover you can select from one, two or all three of the following: Personal Accident cover, Alternative Therapies and Inoculations and Vaccinations. Giving you the flexibility to choose the benefit which best suits your team.

What is an EAP?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) help your employees cope with personal problems that may effect their health and job performance. An example of this is by offering counselling and referral services for your employees. Click here to learn more about the benefits of EAP.

Wellbeing Alternative Therapies

We recommend that you contact Paycare to ensure that your Practitioner is registered with a body recognised by us before incurring any costs. Click here to view the list of recognised bodies.

Why Paycare?

Our customer satisfaction rating for last year was 99.93%

We processed the majority of claims received within 48 hours.

In 2014 we paid over 80% of the income received back to our policyholders in the form of claims payments. Out performing the majority of any other cash plan provider in the UK.

As a not for profit company we focus on two things, our policyholders and our charitable donations, of which, we have donated over £2 million to date.

The cost of the Additions plan will depend on the number of employees you wish to cover but as everyone is treated equally at Paycare, things such as age or pre-existing conditions will not have an effect on the price you pay. To see a sample of our prices click here.

If you are looking to invest in small business or group health insurance, we would be happy to discuss how a Paycare plan could help your business offer employee medical benefits and the costs involved, just press the contact button on the right to talk or email us.

  • A minimum of 20 employees is required to qualify for the Additions scheme, however plans are available for smaller employee numbers, please contact us for more details.
  • Existing customers please refer to your policy document for your personal scheme type.