What is a Healthcare Benefits Plan?

Simple, it's an affordable way to reclaim money spent on healthcare treatment. Routine health checks, even trips to the family dentist or optician, have become a costly business for most people, especially in tough times and many have found themselves priced out of their good health. Turning to healthcare benefits plans can provide a solution.

Healthcare Benefits Plans (sometimes called health cash plans) shouldn't be compared to private medical insurance plans because they offer a different service. Healthcare Benefits Plans are designed to be used day-to-day, not just in emergencies. They provide inexpensive cover - as little as a few pounds per week, depending upon the plan chosen and the level required.

Paycare's chief executive, Kevin Rogers says: "Charges for services such as dental treatment and eye examinations discourage a lot of people from regular check-ups, and even from getting chronic medical conditions such as back problems sorted out.

"Minor problems however can become major ones if not caught early. When you consider that something as simple as an eye examination can pick up the first signs of serious illness such as glaucoma, then healthcare benefits plans make good sense both from a financial and a wellbeing point of view", explained Kevin. Healthcare benefits plans cover a wide range of treatments, including specialist fees, complementary treatments and a counselling/help line.

Rates vary, as do the benefits but, typically, a few pounds per week will cover the policyholder for a range of items such as optical or dental charges up to an agreed limit in each year. There's also cover for specialist consultation and tests, professional therapy - with health screening and personal accident cover on some plans.

No medical examination is required to join a plan, and valid claims are usually paid within 48 hours regardless of whether you go private or NHS.

This simple idea has been around for a long time. Paycare was founded in 1874 by the foremen of Wolverhampton's largest factories, who were concerned about the health of their workers. Today Paycare operate nationally, helping thousands of people meet the cost of healthcare bills.

Paycare provides a range of everyday healthcare benefits plans. With no shareholders, the organisation donates a proportion of its surplus to the Paycare Charity Trust, which makes regular charitable donations.