Providing a brief snapshot of the main aspects of your health and wellbeing each day, the app is a free programme designed to motivate you to eat more healthily, to do more exercise, and to benefit from better sleep.

It offers you a completely confidential hub in which to record details about your lifestyle and wellbeing, and a fully personalised programme of advice and guidance to help:

·         Encourage you to think about what your health goals are

·         Break down your goal(s) into simple, achievable steps

·         Track your progress to show you just how well you’re doing

The idea is that by taking small steps and doing them every day, they will gradually become part of your usual routine and you will benefit from enhanced physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Early results show that the system increases self-rated mental well-being by 12% in just six days, and by over 22% in six months.  We think that sounds pretty good!