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Here you’ll find tools to help you manage your Policy and key information on any updates we’re making. We’re working hard to help you understand your Policy and support you along the way.

Your new look Policy Document

We’re excited to introduce you to your ‘new look’ Policy Document which is accessible NOW in your MyPaycare area. It’s been designed as a manual to help you to easily understand the details of your Policy with simple language and a clear layout.

This Policy Document update applies to all customers on Paycare’s plans (excluding Go, Gold, Family and Retirement who have unique terms). Please refer to your MyPaycare area for the Policy Document relevant to your Policy.

The mark of approval

We’re proud to announce that our ‘new look’ Policy Document has received the Fairer Finance mark of approval! The Clear & Simple Mark recognises excellence in both language and design. This means that it has been externally reviewed against strict criteria and has been acknowledged as being clear and easy to understand.

Fairer Finance is an independent ratings agency which works to help people make better financial decisions.

Key features

Find what you're looking for

You’ll notice we’ve added a clear contents page to help you find what you’re looking for. Flicking through pages of T&Cs can be confusing which is why your Policy Documents have become a manual that you can pick up at any point. The sections make it easy to find information and are filled with top tips and guidance.

We've gone jargon-free!

One of the ways we’ve made the Policy Document really easy to digest is by removing jargon. We’ll no longer be using words or phrases that are difficult to understand. If we mention something that you’ve not heard of before, chances are we’ve explained it well in the very next sentence. Jar-GONE!

Size and space

Your Policy Document has been designed to use the best of its space with a font size that is easy to read and spacing that clearly defines each section. Our colourful and clear Policy Documents make for an enjoyable read!


Our history will tell you that we’ve always cared about healthcare being accessible for everyone. This is why we have
shortened sentence length, used simpler language and added images to better explain everything you need to know.

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Using your plan online

Register for MyPaycare

Setting up your MyPaycare account is simple. You’ll just need your Policyholder Number and date of birth. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to access all of the features of MyPaycare; find your Policy information, check your allowance and claims progress and even create your very own Paycare avatar!

Claiming online

Many of our Policyholders find claiming online a simple and quick way to submit claims. You’re able to upload your receipts, and check over your details for the claim to be processed. Claiming online can be the quickest way to have that all important cash back in your pocket.

Learn a little more...

Consumer Duty

Find out more about what the Consumer Duty means to us at Paycare and how it’s helping us to continue to support you everyday.

Check your Practitioner is registered

Before you claim, you’ll need to check you’re using a registered practitioner. We want to be sure you’re getting the best care, from an experienced professional.


If you’ve got a question about your Policy, chances are you’re not alone. We’ve collected together some of our Policyholders most commonly asked questions.

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Our blog page is regularly updated with Paycare News, Community Updates and Health and Wellbeing Blogs for our Policyholders.