Counselling and Helpline Service

The Paycare Counselling and Helpline can support you with a wide range of life events or circumstances including:

Counselling (Option 1)

Counselling is a safe place for you to explore your personal or work-related concerns with professional support. This may take the form of ad-hoc counselling over the telephone or signposting to other agencies, as appropriate.

Debt (Option 2)

Assistance is given in tackling financial difficulties. Our experts can help with aspects of budgeting, court action, dealing with multiple creditors and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)

Legal, Tax and Money (Option 3)

Information and signposting on personal or work related legal issues, as well as personal finances (excluding investment-related advice) such as financial help and budgeting. You will receive friendly, helpful support with the minimum amount of jargon

Health and Wellbeing (Option 4)

Our team, which includes fully qualified wellbeing specialists, will answer your questions and provide information on health and wellbeing issues, medical concerns, vaccination requirements or how to cope with symptoms you may be experiencing

Manager Line (Option 5)

Providing access to a specialist team of counsellors who provide support and guidance to managers and team leaders in handling challenging and sensitive issues in their team

Elder and Younger Care (Option 6)

Support & signposting relevant to those caring for an elderly friend or relative and parents with children

Get more from your Counselling and Helpline Service with vClub!

vClub is an online platform where you can browse useful information, listen to podcasts, sign up to newsletters and access secure, confidential email counselling. With lots of online tools and resources, the vClub is packed full of extra information, helpful hints and tips and regular blogs to support you whenever, wherever.

It’s quick and easy to get logged in, simply enter the following credentials:

Username: supportme
Password: paycare

After you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a unique username and password, which you will need to remember for future visits.

About The Validium Group

The Paycare Counselling and Helpline Service is provided by The Validium Group, a specialist and independent Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider. Established in 1998, Validium is now an integral part of the culture of many successful organisations in the private and public sector, providing an employee assistance and wellbeing consultancy to Paycare policyholders.

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