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This is the information we hold on record for your company, the person named is the person we will contact with any key changes to your scheme, please do your best to keep this up to date.We often have other contacts on our system for HR and Payroll purposes – again, if anything changes with these please give us a shout!

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Request a call back and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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We can send you a list of employees covered on your scheme.

Policy Documents

Here you’ll find everything you need to set up and manage your Paycare scheme.



IPID - Paycare Protect

IPID - Paycare Protect



    How do my employees make a claim?

    Claims can be made online or by post. Your employees simply need to fill out a claims form and attach a receipt showing the treatment details and amount paid. They have 13 weeks from the date they paid for treatment to submit their claim. Please refer to your Policy Documents for full terms and conditions.

    How do my employees access their Wellbeing Services?

    All of their Wellbeing Services (MyPocketGP, Paycare EAP, Paycare Perks and Online Health Assessment) can be accessed through their MyPaycare account online, alternatively the telephone numbers can be found on the back of their benefit table.

    How do I add or remove employees from my scheme?

    To notify us of changes to the employees covered by your scheme, please use the ‘Paycare Administration’ spreadsheet to provide details of joiners, leavers and changes such as address or level of cover. Details of cut off dates and who to send this to are included in the User Guide on the first tab within the spreadsheet.

    Who do my employees get in touch with if they have any queries?

    You employees don’t need to hassle you with any questions – they can simply ring your customer services number and speak to a member of our dedicated customer support team on 01902 371000 or email
    We’re available between 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday.