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The flexible and affordable corporate health plan

Corporate Policies

Company healthcare benefits to you as an employer

  • Enhancement - make your business more attractive to top talent, help with retention and enhance the morale and productivity of existing employees. This corporate health insurance is a great way to demonstrate your duty of care.
  • Reduction - keep your employees happy, healthy and stress-free and reduce absenteeism and related overheads.
  • Inclusive - all of our cash plans include an EAP (Employer Assistance Programme) and Welfare Support Service at no additional cost.
  • Choice - we offer a range of employee paid and employer paid company health insurance plans that help with routine and unexpected everyday medical costs.
  • Simple - Paycare corporate policies pay out quickly, often within 48 hours and the claims process is so easy.

Policy Facts

The Paycare 4work health cash plan is corporate health insurance with a difference. This voluntary benefits plan gives employees 100% cashback (up to an annual limit) on everyday health care such as dental work, new glasses, health screening and even alternative therapies like acupuncture and homeopathy. It’s the low cost way to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Paycare Additions is a great way to enhance your benefits package and staff morale. Everyday health care can be expensive. If your employees cannot afford the right treatment it could mean they are absent from work for longer or have the stress of managing a tight budget. Paycare Additions cover starts from just £1 a week.

Corporate healthcare cash plans

The health and wellbeing of your employees is the cornerstone of any benefit packages. Unlike company medical insurance (PMI), a Paycare healthcare cash plan is the perfect choice for employers who are looking for a low cost benefit with a high perceived value - whether that be for a small business or a larger group.

Quite simply, the cash plan gives your staff, and any dependant children under the age of 18, the freedom to access everyday healthcare without having to worry about the cost. We can even open up the plan to include partners if you wish, so the whole family is covered.

As far as a “value for money” employee benefit goes, this business health insurance is probably as good as it gets!

We would be delighted to tell you more about our healthcare cash plans and the ways in which it could help your business just press the contact button on the right to talk or email us.

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