Paycare cares about people, that's its business.

Driving the company forward is a dedicated team of professional people who care about their customers - thousands of policyholders from all over the country. When you call Paycare you are not connected to a remote call centre - you speak to dedicated people who understand and care about the company.

There are six departments at Paycare.


The team that ensure that claims are settled speedily and without fuss. Well over 90% of valid claims are settled within 48 hours of arriving at Paycare House.

Customer Services:

Friendly voices when you call in with a query. They are a knowledgeable bunch with over 40 years Paycare service between them.

Policy Administration:

The team maintain all the records of direct policyholders and Paycare's corporate company scheme customers.

Paycare Management and Charity Trust:

Senior staff are involved in keeping Paycare and the Paycare Charity Trust running smoothly and coordinating the work of all departments.


Keep the financial side of Paycare ticking over by providing finance and accounting services.

Business Development:

The team look for opportunities for Paycare to grow including introducing new customers.