Posted on October 3, 2013

The Liftware system is designed for people whose hand tremor interferes with the activities of daily living. Typically, these hand tremors are caused by a medical condition such as Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease.

A spoon for people with parkinson's reduces shaking by 70%

For people with these conditions, their family or carers, mealtimes can be difficult. Hand tremors can make social meals problematic – often resulting in a loss of independence for the sufferer. It can make what should be a relaxing and comforting meal with family into a stressful battle with his or her own body.

In contrast to braces, which force a user’s hand to be still and can cause patient discomfort, Liftware allows the patient’s hand to shake while stabilizing food in the spoon.

Sensors in the Liftware handle detect a person’s tremor, and the device responds using motors to move the spoon in the opposite direction opposite the tremor – effectively acting like a dampener. The spoon can discern motion from hand tremor from other types of motion, allowing it to respond to just the tremor while preserving the user’s intended motion.

The spoon (which in future will also have knife and fork attachments) reduces shaking by 70%. It is also rechargeable, just like a mobile phone, and one charge will last for several meals.

Watch the video to see the spoon in action. Would this product be of use to you, or someone you know if it was available in the UK?

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Moderator Comment Paycare
11 months ago
Hi Maggie,
We are not sure if you can get the spoon in the UK but you could send an enquire from the link below and maybe they will be able to help with your enquiry.


Hope this helps and all the best

Paycare editorial team

User Comment Maggie Huddleston
11 months ago
I would like to buy a 'liftware' spoon. Does anyone know how to buy one from UK or US?
Any advice is appreciated.
User Comment Nicola Jones
More than one year ago
My Dad has Parkinson's & although thankfully 2 years after his diagnosis, his hand tremors are quite mild, we know they will get worse & any aid making life a little easier would be welcomed.
Moderator Comment Paycare
More than one year ago
Hi Stephanie, Joy, Katie,and Vennette. Thank you all for your comments.

At the moment this smart device is only for sale in the USA, but hopefully it will develop an export market. At $295 dollars this would equate to about £180. Of course volume production could bring the price down in the future. We will keep an eye on this product and post more information on the Blog if and when it becomes available – so keep checking the Paycare Blog. Best wishes from all at Paycare.
User Comment Vennette Jones
More than one year ago
This product seems amazing a brilliant invention what is the cost in British currency?
User Comment Vennette Jones
More than one year ago
This product seems amazing a brilliant invention what is the cost in British currency?
User Comment Katie Ellison
More than one year ago
I agree a brilliant invention but at $295, unfortunately it will be beyond the budget of a great many people.
User Comment Joy Morgan
More than one year ago
Don't need one at present but am glad I know about it in case anyone I know, or me, need this gadget in the future. Thanks for creating it.
User Comment Stephanie Parsons
More than one year ago
My husband has an essential tremor and I think this would be a great help and would boost his confidence in eating as well

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