Healthcare benefits plan & coverage

Dental and optical treatment can cost a lot of money, but at least staying as a hospital in-patient is free, isn't it?

That's largely true. There are no direct hospital in-patient costs and you won't be charged for your basic care, drugs, nursing or food.

But an overnight stay in hospital as a patient yourself or as the parent of a dependent child that needs you to stay in hospital with them could cost you directly in lost overtime, unprotected earnings or even benefit deductions.

You might also find yourself admitted as a hospital day case for treatment or investigation and then find yourself requiring medical help with your recovery.

Either way it could be a cost that you were not expecting!

Many Paycare health cash plans contain a daily payment for hospital stay insurance - helping you to meet any extra costs or compensating (in part) for lost income by giving you hospital cover. The annual amount that can be recovered depends on the level of premium you feel that you can afford.

It pays to cover against the potential cost of hospital in-patient stays with a hospital cash back plan from Paycare.