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Paycare exists to help individuals, families and businesses protect themselves against everyday healthcare costs and bills. Operating surpluses are reinvested in improving policyholder benefits and charitable donations.

Paycare has been active in providing help with healthcare costs since 1874, when Factory Foremen first collected premiums to safeguard workers from doctor's bills. By 1931 an Association of more than 1,000 firms raised £25,000 for local hospitals. Today we still support medical charities - and thousands of ordinary families now benefit from the protection offered by our Healthcare Benefits Plans; by paying a small regular amount. It's a convenient and enduring tradition.

Paycare is a 'not for profit' organisation. This means that any surplus is divided between improving the service for our Policyholders and in supporting appeals and charitable requests, through the Paycare Charity Trust. Since its foundation in 1964, the Trust has donated almost £2,000,000 - which has helped pay for equipment and amenities to aid the treatment and recovery of patients in hospitals, hospices and to help registered charities who offer services of a medical nature and special needs. The Trust also aims to assist with medical research.

Our Healthcare Benefits Plans are designed to meet specific needs:
  • Paycare Direct. For individual cover;
  • Paycare Family. Full family cover;
  • Paycare Gold. Targeted cover for people over 64;
  • Paycare Corporate. Contributory or non-contributory cover for employees.
Our latest policy, to be launched soon, is Paycare Go. This is for young adults either living at home or away at college or work.